PRP is a solution that is created by taking a sample of blood. The blood contains cells known as growth factors, which have the ability to rapidly heal the body. When these cells are concentrated into a dense formula (platelet-rich plasma), they can be injected into the scalp, face, or body to heal and improve appearance with no downtime.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facial injections is a “natural filler” treatment to give more of a youthful appearance. The patient is injected with a concentration of platelets from their own blood to promote the production of collagen and elastin. PRP facial injections stimulates new collagen and enhances regrowth of new healthy skin.

We love using PRP injections in places like smile lines and under the eyes to diminish dark circles. The growth factors and platelets in PRP can help repair the tissues around your eyes, leading to a smooth and renewed appearance.


  • PRP facial injections is one of the lowest risk treatments because the process involves injecting a substance sourced from your own body. Mild bruising, swelling or redness can occur at the injection site but usually resolves quickly.

  • PRP improves the skin’s health and regeneration so that dead skin cells are removed faster, giving you smoother skin.

  • When PRP is injected, it repairs the collagen and elastin layer so that the skin regains elasticity. One of our favorite places to inject PRP is the under-eye. PRP allows the skin in the under-eye region to plump up and refill the hollows under the eyes.



  • Come hydrated as it will help with the blood draw

  • We recommend eating a snack prior to appointment

  • Discontinue systemic steroids 2 weeks prior to treatment

  • Discontinue retinoids, topical prescriptions, differin 7 days prior to treatment


  • Refrain from washing your face or wetting your face until the morning after the treatment. It is best to have the PRP on the skin for a minimum of 8 hours post treatment

  • Avoid direct high heat for 72 hours and the redness has subsided. Prolong if you are still inflamed or are experiencing sensitive skin

  • Use the product given at the time of treatment the following day and continue to reapply through the day and into the evening

  • Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse the face for 48 hours and gently dry

  • The day after treatment apply sunscreen with at least 30 SPF

  • Avoid makeup and swimming for 24 hours

  • Do not use tanning beds for 2 weeks post treatment

  • No retinols, retin-A, or topical prescriptions 7 days after procedure

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