Skinny shots, also referred to as lipotropic injections or lipo-B, are used as supplements to help release fat deposits from body parts such as the inner thighs, stomach, hips, and buttocks. Lipotropic injections are used to complement other weight loss regimens such as exercise and dieting.

The fat-burning substances include inositol, which helps the liver remove fat; choline helps distribute cholesterol and prevent it from being deposited in one part of the body. Choline also helps with detox; methionine helps the body process fats and eliminates toxins.

Lipo-B injections can be administered up to one to three times a week. They contain vitamin B12, which is safe in large quantities and is considered to help speed up the metabolic process and boost energy.

We recommend patients to get these shots at least once a week, but Lipo B Skinny Shots can be administered once a month and up to twice a week.

The injection includes Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and B12 (Cyanocobalamin).

  • Methionine aids in fat processing and cholesterol reduction

  • Inositol supports fat metabolism and brain function 

  • Choline contributes to energy generation and neural communication 

  • B12 enhances various metabolic processes and overall well-being.


    - Prevents accumulation of fats in the liver

    -Improves metabolism and speeds up fat burning

    -Better removal of fat by the liver

    -A natural and painless approach to weight loss

    -Boosts energy levels

    -Improved hormonal balance

    -Supplies the body with the essential nutrients for various functions

    -Better mental clarity and improved mood

    -Better self-esteem

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